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In Focus: Body Time Botanicals For Earth Day

By: Body Time      Date posted: April 22, 2015

Last Earth Day we celebrated our company-wide green practices. (In case you missed it: we use minimal packaging, we have a long established recycling program, we ship using biodegradable materials, and more.) This year, we are focusing in on our Botanicals Line: a true celebration of Mother Earth. In this close-up, we will show you what you’re getting when you go Botanical:

1. Organically Harvested Ingredients

We incorporate organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. That means that you don’t have to worry that the ingredients in your product were harvested using harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our Botanicals seal is a guarantee that your product does not have a negative environmental impact.



2. Maximized Nutritional Benefit.

The other nod to Mother Earth in our Botanicals line is the intelligent use of naturally sourced materials. Our premium-quality ingredients are specifically formulated to maximize their nutritional benefits, so that the whole product is even greater than the sum of its parts. These specifically targeted botanical pairings yield direct results.


3. The Essential Oil Promise.

The fragrance in your Botanicals product does not only smell sweet, it also carries aromatherapeutic benefit, and is 100% naturally derived. We use therapeutic-grade essential oils in all of our scented Botanicals products, which means that your Chamomile Lavender Face Cream contains calming chamomile oil and antiseptic lavender oil; the scent of your Gotu Kola Eye and Face Gel is precious, anti-aging rose essential oil.



What are your favorite Botanicals products? Share with us below!


For Today Only, receive 15% off your Body Time Botanicals purchase with the coupon code EARTHDAY2015!



Photo credit: eltpics via Compfight cc

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

By: Body Time      Date posted: April 8, 2015

This year more than ever, our friends in the Bay and elsewhere are focused on how to preserve water and help the environment through their everyday activities. And in the Spring, that means a focus on green cleaning. With the thousands of cleaning products and the misleading “natural” label, a trip to the store to stock up on “green” cleaning products can be overwhelming. But don’t let the cleaning aisle turn you off! We’re here to help with a few easy tips.

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China Rain Shortage

By: Body Time      Date posted: April 1, 2015

Dear Valued Customers,

As you may know, our China Rain seeds yielded a low crop this year. Between the disappointing harvest and heavy buying from the western provinces, we have found ourselves in a temporary China Rain shortage. While we are making every effort to increase our supply for the next season, we will be imposing even-odd rationing of China Rain through the end of this year.

If your zip code ends in an even number, you will be able to purchase China Rain during even-numbered months (April, June, August, and so on). If your zip code ends in an odd number, you will be able to purchase China Rain during odd-numbered months (May, July, September, and so on). May we gently suggest that you try China Lily? We apologize for the – APRIL FOOLS.

We have a bountiful supply of China Rain.




Happy Pranking,
Body Time

Happy National Fragrance Day!

By: Body Time      Date posted: March 19, 2015

National Fragrance Day is coming up on Saturday, 3/21!

If yIMG_5255ou missed this article in last Saturday’s New York Times, you should check it out. It provides an interesting insight into custom perfumes– something that we do every day (and for much less than $30,000!).

Why the interest in a signature scent when there are thousands of options at the department store perfume counter?

Let’s say you decide to go for a walk around the block. Now let’s say you have only your sense of smell to guide you.

Would you know the way, just based on familiar fragrances? Would you know where to turn based on the scent of the rose bush outside of the house on the corner? Would you know that you are in your neighborhood from the way the air smells? Could you identify a fragrance that doesn’t belong and know you’ve made a wrong turn?

It turns out, you might.

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Guest Blog: Confessions of a Perfume Lover

By: Body Time      Date posted: February 4, 2015

body time roller ballI love perfumes. Growing up, I loved going to department stores just so I could try on their perfume selections. While studying abroad in Cambridge, I would stop by the store en route to class every day to spritz a new perfume sample. The commercial perfumes smelled great, but I often thought of how awesome it would be if I could create a signature perfume, instead of having to rely on a cosmetic company to represent me in a bottle.

So imagine my shock of happiness when I came back to Berkeley and found out that Body Time offered custom scented perfumes!!! (That is how I found out about Body Time long before I received the Body Time For a Year prize.)

The process of getting a perfume made for you isn’t an ordinary task. While the time it takes to make this perfume depends on how picky you are, be prepared to take at least fifteen minutes to synthesize the perfect blend of scents.

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Guest Blog: Meet Minju

By: Body Time      Date posted: January 22, 2015

Minju PortraitHello! My name is Minju and I am the lucky winner of “Body Time for a Year” thanks to a contest Body Time held at Caltopia. This means that I get to spend a whopping $100 at Body Time each month for an entire year!

Being the prolific blabber-er that I am (Yelp Elite, anyone?), I am excited to be Body Time’s first guest blogger! I will use this space to share the details of products I select each month, and how they are working out for me. In this post, I’ll talk about two items that I got from my first haul: the Aloe Vera Freshener and the Montana Clay Cleansing Mask.

I picked these up on rec from the Body Time sales associate at the Shattuck Ave store. She recommended them to me for sensitive/combination skin: i.e., I am not prone to overly dry red skin, or to acne or breakouts all over, but my skin is sensitive to some products and chemicals. She also told me that the Aloe Vera Freshener would help to set my makeup.

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Promises for 2015

By: Body Time      Date posted: January 8, 2015

Exercise More white bgAlmost half of Americans make health-oriented New Year’s resolutions, but far fewer of us keep them past the first few weeks. (We’ll spare you the sad statistic of just how quickly we break the promises we make to ourselves.) We start off with the best intentions and create grand plans for how we’ll be lower-stress, healthier-looking versions of ourselves by December, but then life gets in the way and we put our health on the back burner while we attend to more pressing needs.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of quick-fixes that can help you be a little – or a lot – healthier in 2015, even with your jam-packed schedule.


The Resolution: Be Less Stressed.

Got 30 seconds?

A spritz of calming lavender hydrosol can help decrease stress levels and slow down the nervous system, and a deep inhalation of pink grapefruit oil can help bring tired minds back to life. (Considering that excess snacking often comes from being tired, stressed, or otherwise unbalanced, your waist-line might thank you as well.) Each essential oil carries a unique aromatherapeutic property, so consider carrying an aromatherapy kit in your bag. That way, you’ll be prepared for any occasion.


The Resolution: Eat Better.

Got 10 minutes?

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Holiday Gift Guide

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 11, 2014


Stuck on what to get for the one who has everything? Or for him? Or for the Cal grad in your life? We’ve got just the tips:

For The One Who Has Everything.body_butter_lg_2

We all have people in our lives who are impossible to shop for.
Maybe they’re picky, or maybe they already
have everything they could want. For those special (and lucky!) people in your life, we recommend picking up a Windrift Hill Body Butter. This whipped body butter is a luxurious dessert for your skin. Its thick and creamy texture is perfect for dry elbows and knees, and its non-greasy goat milk formula is ideal for hands and feet.

The Body Butters
come in an array of scents, as well as in an unscented version for the fragrance-sensitive. The fragrances are universally adored. The fresh “Citrus Sun” is our fastest selling variety and its orange essence provides a quick pick-me-up for dreary days. The “Goats and Oats” fragrance is another favorite, with a smell of coconut that instantly transports you to the beach. “Relaxing” has a sweet vanilla and, of course, lavender scent; and “Pearberry” is light and fruity.



Not a goat milk fan? Our second go-to for The One Who Has Everything is Peppermint Foot Cream. Its rich, creamy texture soothes tired feet, and safflower oil hydrates those extra dry areas. With a minty fragrance reminiscent of candy canes, it is perfect for the holidays. Plus, everyone gets dry winter skin!


For Him.

So, you don’t want to get him another tie this year? We’ve got you covered.

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The Three Essential Oil Blends That Will Get You Through Cold & Flu Season

By: Body Time      Date posted: November 12, 2014

Cold temps are coming! Prepare yourself with an immune boosting essential oil kit:

  1. Chest Relief: Eucalyptus + Lavender + Lemon13647264235_a609c2d20d_o

There is a reason why Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in homeopathic throat lozenges and therapeutic teas: it is a natural expectorant and decongestant. Eucalyptus is effective in loosening the mucus in the chest, and is a great friend to the upper-respiratory system.

Adding Lavender to the mix will help to calm your nervous system. As a natural antiseptic, it helps to cleanse and reset the body.

Lemon tops off this immune-boosting blend with powerful antibacterial properties that stimulate the immune system.

Suggestion: Mix a chest rub by dropping 1 drop of each oil per oz. into a thick, unscented cream or body oil.  Alternatively, create your own detox spa experience by adding a few drops of healing oils to your bath.

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The Magic of Vitamin E Oil

By: Body Time      Date posted: November 3, 2014



Vitamin E oil is an extremely concentrated topical treatment with a syrupy consistency. If you scan the list of ingredients on your moisturizer, you’ll likely find Vitamin E oil among other butters and concentrates – but it is also a powerful moisturizing agent on its own. Here are some of our favorite uses for Vitamin E oil:



Vitamin E oil is the secret ingredient to perfect cuticles (even Oprah agrees!). Natural antioxidants found in Vitamin E oil nourish the skin and prevent signs of aging, and its moisturizing qualities form a protective barrier that keep sensitive skin healthy. A roller ball applicator is an effective and no-mess way to apply this nail treatment.


Scrapes, burns, and scars

When you get scraped or burned, scar tissue is the thick layer of skin that develops around the affected area. A regular application of Vitamin E oil jumpstarts the healing process and softens the tough outer layer of skin by facilitating collagen production. It lightens marks and heals scars by speeding up the regeneration process.


Stretch marks

Vitamin E oil promotes skin elasticity, which we associate with young, healthy-looking skin. Skin elasticity also plays a role in the development of stretch marks: stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched at quick speed, and improving skin elasticity encourages the skin to spread more easily. When used preventatively, Vitamin E oil can help prevent stretch marks.





Photo Credit: LifeSupercharger via Compfight cc