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Pre-Holiday Detox Tips

By: Body Time      Date posted: November 11, 2015


There are three questions that return every winter, usually around now, the very start of the Holiday season: how can I detox my body; how can I moisturize my dry, dry skin; and what on earth should I get for [impossible to shop for person]?! We are here to answer all of those burning questions, beginning with the one that seams of the utmost importance with shorter days ahead of us and Thanksgiving around the corner: how to detoxify the body from the outside in.


  1. Take a sea salt bath.

Epsom salt baths are famously detoxifying because salt actively draws toxins and excess water from the skin, leaving you feeling lighter for a good reason: you usually are. When we become bloated, immersing our bodies in a tub of hot water actually helps to minimize unhappy side effects of over-eating and over-sugaring ourselves. Our go-to detoxifying agent is Dead Sea Salt, which you can customize using any fragrance you’d like. Try adding lemon, peppermint, jasmine, or chamomile for a maximum effect. If you like the scent of almonds, you may also enjoy our Detox Bath Soak, an effervescent blend of Epsom salts and fruity acids.


  1. Move your body and drink plenty of water.

You are probably sick of hearing it, because when you’re feeling overloaded the last thing you want to do is move around or gulp a large glass of water, but it’s repeated for a reason. Gentle stretches and twists are an easy way to detox the organs through movement. Moving the limbs actually helps the body process sugar, and wringing your midsection through twists aids that process even more. Stay hydrated with warm or hot water throughout the day for additional benefits to your nervous and digestive systems.

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Three Times You Absolutely Should Mix Perfume Oils and Essential Oils

By: Body Time      Date posted: November 4, 2015

Customers often ask whether they can mix perfume oils and essential oils. The answer? An emphatic YES. In fact, we recommend it, especially in three cases:

  1. You want to recreate a smell.
  1. You want to add a therapeutic property to your perfume.
  1. You want your essential oil fragrance to last longer.

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5 Scents in Nature and What They Say About Your Taste In Perfume

By: Body Time      Date posted: October 28, 2015

With over 65 perfume oils, our scent bar has so many offerings that some of our guests find it overwhelming. And while it’s easy to guide you to your perfect fragrance in stores, the process can be difficult if you’re buying online. We’re here today with a few helpful tips that should help you find your perfect scent.


IF… it’s the smell of freshly cut grass that gets you, try Rain, China Rain, and Green Tea. (Of course, if you’d like to smell just like freshly cut grass, no chaser, our perfume oil Grass was made for you! It’s particularly lovely when mixed into a rich lotion like Vitamins A,D&E Moisturizer.) The smell of freshly cut grass is more than just a clean spring fragrance. Part of what makes that scent unique is the way it brings a bright quality to the air, and lingers long enough to leave a trace on your sunshine hands even after you go inside. Rain and China Rain are our two most popular fragrances, and customers tell us every day that these fragrances smell fresh and natural. What’s the difference? China Rain has a slightly musky floral quality to it, making it a rounded scent with an effortlessly elegant appeal. Rain captures the top note of the famous China Rain fragrance to perfection, making it a bit more playful and relaxed. For those who find the Rain family of fragrances too powdery, Green Tea is an equally fresh aroma that tends away from floral qualities and toward green, grassy notes. Ask our perfumers how you can personalize these scents so that they suit you perfectly. We can always add a drop of something. Read More…

Why You’re Not Getting The Most Out Of Your Perfume

By: Body Time      Date posted: October 9, 2015

Perfume StorageCustomers often ask us about the best method for storing perfume oil. A quick online search will reveal that there are many myths regarding the storage of perfume (in the refrigerator? up high? down low?) and we’re here to bust them – and to give you some tips that will help keep your scent fresh for years.

After all, you blended up your very own fragrance. You deserve to get the most out of it!






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Al’s 5 Favorite Things

By: Body Time      Date posted: September 24, 2015

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As many of you know, Body Time has been a family run company since 1970. In 2011, the company changed hands– from one family to another. Terra and Al are the wonderful couple who own Body Time. Since they spend more time with our products than most, we decided to check in with them for the ultimate insider skin care guide. This week you will hear from Al.

Somewhat of an unlikely skincare and perfume connoisseur, Al is first to admit that he was not always a “product guy” — in fact, it took awhile for him to warm up to the idea of keeping an array of face and body products on hand for different uses. Fast-forward four years, and now it’s difficult for him to pair down his list of favorites to just five items! Here is what he said:


I will be the first to admit that I was not a “skin care product guy” when Body Time became part of our family.  My wife, Terra, had loved Body Time products for years and encouraged me to try them.  As I began to try our products I found myself using them on a daily basis.  Pretty soon I realized I had become a “skin care product guy”.  So now, what are my five favorite things from Body Time…

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5 Ways to Cool Off with Essential Oils

By: Body Time      Date posted: September 23, 2015

5569414855_00b774b6a2_oWe’re used to warm Septembers (and even Octobers and Novembers) in the Bay – but this year’s temperatures are reaching epic heights. If you’re anything like us, you’re searching for a quick way to cool off. At the office, we have the luxury of many essential oils at our fingertips, so we’ve been spritzing an essential oil scented refresher or applying little liquid powder when we need to cool off. Here are some of our favorite oils that help beat the heat (in order of what we’ve found to be the most effective):

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All About Roses

By: Body Time      Date posted: September 14, 2015

Roses InfographicThere are over 200 species of rose, each with its own set of benefits, from cosmetic to aromatic, medicinal, and even culinary.

The damask rose, also called the “queen of roses”, is both the most precious rose variety and also most fragrant – which is why it is blended into many fine perfumes. Over the past 30 million years (yes, there are rose fossils that date back that far!) the damask rose has also been used in herbal medicines— to treat coughs and indigestion; in aromatherapy – to heal feelings of depression in grief; and in religious ceremonies – to honor and pray. But how does this flower go from fragrant bloom to rich oil?

It takes over 10,000 pounds of rose petals to produce 7 pounds of damask rose oil absolute. (Other things that weigh 10,000 pounds: an RV, an elephant, 6 polar bears.) Read More…

9 New Fragrances You’ll Love

By: Body Time      Date posted: September 9, 2015

We are thrilled to introduce 9 new perfume oils for you to mix, blend, or just roll on! Read up to find your perfect match!


One splash of this cool, oceanic fragrance will transport you to the seaside. Capri is characterized by notes of sea salt and fresh basil, as well as a bright lemon-citrus floral similar to what is found in our White Tea fragrance oil. These crisp top notes fade into a mineral essence of sand and bamboo. Consider layering this fragrance with Indi sandalwood to bring out darker, rich tones.



The first note of this sweet, airy fragrance is freshly squeezed blood orange. This citrus aroma is complemented by a bouquet of ripe cantaloupe, which bring out flavors of honey, sweet nectar, and bubblegum. To turn this rich, fruity fragrance into a tart, zesty aroma, add a few drops of Lemon Verbena or Grapefruit Peel.

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Alyssa’s 5 Favorite Things

By: Body Time      Date posted: August 1, 2015

IMG_7911This week we checked in with our Production Manager, Alyssa, and asked her about five her favorite products. After all, who has better skin care tips than the woman charged with designing and selecting our product lines? It was hard to pin her down to just five things, but once we finally did, here is what she said…

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The Crown Chakra

By: Body Time      Date posted: July 22, 2015

19860198316_72700fe81c_oWe round out our chakra journey with the final energy center of the body: sahasrara, the crown chakra. Located at the top (“crown”) of the head, this chakra represents the highest level of our experience, and is the place where you are able to tap into your truest self, as well as elements of spirituality. As the final energy center of the body, chakras 1-6 help to guide you to this point. Once you arrive to begin work on the crown chakra, you are already rooted, grounded, confident, empathetic, communicative, and perceptive. The theory of non-attachment commonly comes up in yogic philosophy. Broadly speaking, “attachment” in this way can refer to things, people, activities, or even a certain state of being: always being right, looking right, saying the right thing. These deep matters of self-reflection are addressed in crown chakra work. A balanced crown chakra helps you to understand yourself as well as your place in the world. This interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence, and sense of identity, is what carries you forward. In yogic tradition, this is what leads to happiness. Read More…