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5 Perfect Gifts for your Valentine

By: Body Time      Date posted: January 28, 2016

IMG_9847Here at Body Time, we love Valentine’s Day. Over the years, we’ve become experts in curating the perfect gift for your sweetheart: something that says “I’m thinking of you” in just the right way, no matter how many days, weeks, months, or years your special someone has been in your life. We’ve put together 5 of our favorite gifts, most of which can be customized and tailored to your special person’s tastes.

  1. Help her relax with a gift of bubble bath.

Bubble bath is a delightful gift for your Valentine (or Palentine!) one who doesn’t get enough “me” time. Encourage self care — and a mandatory half-hour break from her busy life — with a custom scented bubble bath. Our bubble bath is a bestseller, and one 16oz. bottle will be enough for several months of relaxation. Does she need to de-stress? Try lavender. Is she going through a tough time? Try rose. Or, if you know her signature scent, choose from one of our 70+ perfume or essential oils here.

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Bust the Winter Blues with these 3 Tips

By: Body Time      Date posted: January 13, 2016

SONY DSCWhat’s the only thing worse than January? … February.

The shortest month (which gets an extra day in 2016, thanks to Leap Year), can feel like the longest. We’re here to arm you with a few ways to bring back the cozy, break out the comfort, and take back Winter!

1. Don’t use the freezing temps as an excuse to drop healthy habits.

It’s difficult to motivate to go for a run when it’s dark and cold, and it’s even more difficult to order a salad instead of a grilled cheese when you’re trying to warm up. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside, veg, and ignore your veggies. Find other indoor activities you can do to keep healthy: grab a gym buddy to hold you accountable, and cook up warm, comforting veggie- and protein- heavy dishes so that you’re not living on mac and cheese all season. Your mind and your body will thank you!


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New Year, New Scent. Here’s what’s coming up in 2016.

By: Body Time      Date posted: January 6, 2016

A new year means a new scent for many of us. After all, what better way to start fresh than with a brand new memory-maker for the New Year? We’re here with our predictions for the top fragrance trends of the newly minted 2016.



Back to Nature

Last year saw the emergence of earthy scents that reconnected us with nature – notes of bergamot, muguet (lily), and fig. This is something we predict will keep trending in 2016, with drops of plant-based essential oils – like peppermint and spearmint – mixed in with perfume.

Our top picks: Vanilla & Indi Sandalwood, Georgia Peach & Green Fig


Saag paneer - Crushed spices


Spice & Everything Nice

A spicy scent is no longer considered strictly “masculine”; instead, it is seen as bold and powerful. (Similarly, florals are no longer considered solely “feminine” fragrances.) Peppercorn, clove, ylang ylang, and tobacco are becoming increasingly popular spices. These sharp top notes are complimented by sweeter notes of vanilla, light musk, and bergamot for a beautifully rounded perfume.

Our top picks: Peppercorn & Light Musk, Tobacco Smoke & Lady Grey


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5 Minutes of Peace, 3 Ways

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 29, 2015

Heading into the new year, now is the time to think about what you want for yourself. What are your goals? How can you take better care of your mind and body? We’re here to help you sneak a bit of self-care into your life, with 3 ways to hit the “reset” button during a hard day (or any day, even).

1. Grab a lavender scented eye pillow and take a quick savasana.

While taking a 5-minute during a busy day might seem like a pipe dream, it might be actually be silk_eye_pillow-bsomething you should make time for. Studies have shown that taking five minutes to close your eyes in a midday savasana can actually help you become more efficient in tackling that to-do list. Why? Even if you don’t fall asleep, laying down in a silent meditation is a reset button that helps your body recharge. (Read about other benefits of Savasana here.)

If you have trouble luring yourself into midday relaxation, try placing an eye pillow over your eyes. Ours are scented with dried lavender petals, a natural, aromatherapeutic sleep aid that will help calm your body and mind. The additional weight of an eye pillow also provides comfort and blocks out bright light.

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Perfume Bar: Our 3 most popular signature scents  

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 21, 2015

China Rain POThree of our fragrance blends became such instant hits that we began to blend them in bulk decades ago. Even today, the “China” family of fragrances is still the most popular selection of all 65+ that we offer at our fragrance bar.

China Lily

A gentle, floral aroma, China Lily gets its name from the lily of the valley flower, which is the first note that floats off the top of this elegant fragrance. China Lily has a personality that is simultaneously formal and playful, a uniquely French melange of classic and modern that is perfect for midday. Beneath the floral top note are middle and base notes similar to China Rain: light, airy, and powdery, giving the fragrance staying power.

Notes include: lily of the valley, white musk, cut grass, gardenia, maple leaf

China Musk

A musky, floral aroma, China Musk is a sweet and lightly spicy fragrance. The first note of this perfume is a distinctly “China” family bouquet, green and powdery. Bright notes of sweet amber and maple leaf shine through the floral exterior, rounding it out with a sweet, silky texture that differentiates it from the lighter Lily and Rain fragrances. This heavier quality makes China Musk a perfect evening fragrance. China Musk is also the warmest of the three fragrances; you will leave a wisp of cozy sunshine in a trail behind you.

Notes include: tree sap, amber, white musk, vanilla bean, lily, maple leaf

China Rain

The beloved China Rain is our classic everyday perfume, and is the lightest as well as the most powdery of the “China” family. The top note is a uniquely clean and crisp aroma of sweet water, which is quickly rounded by a middle note of baby powder. A hint of lilies guides this fragrance to its finish. The blend is intoxicating, and is as crisp as rain itself, redefining fresh in fragrance. Read about this history of this famous perfume here.

Notes include: sweet water, baby powder, white musk, cut grass, lily.


What’s your favorite? Comment below!

The Hype: China Rain Vitamins A,D&E Moisturizer

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 16, 2015

China-RainWhat is it about that China Rain A,D&E? We’ve heard it hundreds, if not thousands, of times: once you start using Vitamins A,D&E Moisturizer, it’s impossible to use any other body lotion.  What makes it so popular? Let’s dive deep into this miracle product:


The three-ingredient powerhouse: cosmetic-grade mineral oil, lanolin, and antioxidant lecithin.

These three powerhouse ingredients work together to create a barrier to evaporation, thereby eliminating the most common (and most annoying) thing about body cream: the need to reapply, and reapply, and reapply. As “Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun reminds us, cosmetic-grade mineral oil is considered one of “the safest, most nonirritating moisturizing ingredients ever found … [and is] known to be efficacious in wound healing, and … among the most effective, established moisturizing ingredients available.” That is how A,D&E is able to repair skin that is dry, cracked, and damaged, as well as skin that tends to be allergic or sensitive to lotions. Antioxidant lecithin enhances the absorbency of the product, making it easy and quick to apply. The convenience of this quick-drying formula makes it a customer favorite.


That heavenly scent. Our signature China Rain fragrance is far and away the most beloved of our 65+ perfume oils. This unisex fragrance is light and fresh: the ultimate “non-perfume” perfume that leaves you feeling refreshed, rather than over-fragranced. A powdery top note gives way to a lightly floral base, and ends with a sparkling clean finish. This fragrance truly speaks for itself; everyone has their own China Rain story. Check out an array of reviews and customer testimonials here.


Any questions about this best-seller? Ask below!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 15, 2015

FullSizeRender (2)

Many of our customers say it wouldn’t be Christmas without A,D&EOur powerful, nutrient-rich body moisturizer is a great go-to gift for anyone in your life, especially if that special someone is a gardener, an outdoor enthusiast, or lives in a dry climate. The magic of our Vitamins A,D&E Moisturizer is its ability to truly transform skin not just by soothing it, but by protecting it from the elements. (You’ll feel that your hands are silkier after just one use!) For those with allergies or skin sensitivities, we recommend leaving this product unscented. For a personalized touch, consider custom scenting this product with perfume or essential oils.

Special promotion: Our China Rain scented Vitamins A,D&E Moisturizer will be 15% off on Wednesday, December 16th!

Now, for those tricky people in your life…


For the college student home on break:
Try an Aromatherapy roll-on bottle of Focus, Relieve, or Heart. Since students often don’t have room for large items in their suitcases (or dorm rooms, for that matter!) consider a small but meaningful gift, like our all-nighter elixir (Focus), our headache remedy (Relieve), or our homesickness cure, which also doubles as a long-distance hug (Heart). Throw in a new comfy sweater if you’re really looking to impress.
Special promotion: Aromatherapy will be 15% off on Thursday, December 17th!

For the one who had a tough year: A spa visit is just an order away! Put together an at-home spa package with sweet goodies like our Bath Soak (try Detox, Oatmeal Lavender, Clay, or China Rain), a bath pillow, a lavender scented eye pillow, and a hydrosol. This bundle of relaxation will not disappoint! Throw in a bathrobe or new pair of PJs if you’re going all out.
Special promotion: Lavender and Rose Hydrosols will be 20% off on Sunday, December 20th!

For the beach bum: Everybody has one. We know them, we love them. Give your beach bum the gift of soothing sun care. Our botanical After Sun Moisturizer and After Sun Repair Cream are jam-packed with nutrient-rich, skin-enhancing ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter. Unlike most aloe products, our after sun lotions are alcohol-free and will not irritate or dry out the skin. Pair these with our broad spectrum, anti-aging day cream (with broad spectrum SPF 30) and your sun bunny will be quite content! Throw in a new pair of sunnies if you’re really looking to curate something special.


Anyone else hard to shop for? That’s why we’re here!

Stop by your local shop or call us at 1-888-649-2639 and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect gift.

Body Time’s 12 Days of Christmas

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 12, 2015

Happy Holidays, Body Timers! We’re excited to offer you 12 straight days of great deals. On this first day of Christmas, we will give to you: 20% off Men’s Aloe Vera Shaving Gel and Men’s Gotu Kola Aftershave! This perfect pair is great for the shaver in your life, since it protects the skin from razor burn, redness, and other irritations, and helps get a close shave every time.

Check out the calendar for the other deals we have to offer for the next 11 days! And remember, we ship domestic orders over $50 for free! Order by 12/18 for Christmas delivery.



Notes and exclusions: Sales will post at 9:00am PST on the date listed above and will remain live for 24 hours. 12/13 and 12/16 promotions listed above are in-store only. Online promotions those days will be 15% off both 8oz. and 16oz. sizes of the same products listed above. This discount cannot be combined with BTAT or any other discount. To order online, add the product to your shopping cart, and the discount will be taken automatically at checkout. No coupon is required for online orders. To place your order over the phone, call 1-888-649-2639. To find your local store, click here.


DIY: How To Make Your Own Custom Scented Candles in 5 Easy Steps

By: Body Time      Date posted: December 2, 2015


We’ve gotten a lot of questions about DIY gifts this year. This week, we have the perfect recipe for handcrafted scented candles, a gift that you can give to almost anyone in your life!

Here’s what you’ll need…

From the kitchen:

  • Double boiler, or a saucepan and a glass 2-cup measuring cup
  • Food thermometer

From the store:

  • Soy wax or beeswax (you can purchase these in large bags or blocks at your local craft store) – soy wax is typically ligher in color, whereas beeswax will give your candles a yellow color
  • Jars
  • Candle wicks (be sure to get the kind with a metal tab on the bottom)
  • Pencils or chopsticks
  • Essential oils (some oil combinations we love: Vetiver/Rosemary, Lavender/Mint, Rose/Rose Geranium, Vanilla/Patchouli)


Step 1: Melt the wax.

Fill the bottom of your double boiler / saucepan so that water covers the bottom of the pan but does not touch the top pan/measuring cup. Then, measure out the amount of wax you’ll need. If you are using soy flakes, fill the jar up with wax and pour it into the double boiler. It generally takes two times the amount of flakes as your jar size. For hard wax, it’s a bit more difficult to eyeball. Chop your beeswax wax block into small pieces as best you can, and shoot for the same 2:1 ratio. Heat the wax over low-medium heat. You do not have to watch the pot constantly, but be sure to stay nearby so that you can check on the pot and keep tabs on its temperature. You will want the wax to melt into liquid form, and to be about 120 degrees.

Step 2: Set up your jar & wick.

Lay out newspaper or cardboard on your workspace (a kitchen table or counter usually works nicely) and lay out your jar, wick, and pencil. You can identify the bottom of the wick by the metal tab. If you have a hot glue gun available, you can put a dab of glue on the metal tab and attach it to the bottom of your jar. If not, measure out the proper wick length so that it just reaches the bottom of the jar. Wrap the excess wick around the pencil, and rest the pencil/chopstick across the top of the mason jar as in the photo above. It is important that the wick is facing straight up and down, so you may have to fuss with it a bit to get it perfectly lined up.

Step 3: Add your essential oils.

It is best to add the oils when the wax is melted but not too hot. Once your wax has melted completely and the temperature reads 120 degrees, remove it from heat and add 5-10 drops of essential oils (5 will result in a lightly scented candle, 10 will be strong). Mix the oil and wax together so that the scent blends evenly.

Step 4: Pour and let sit.

Place the jar in a safe place that’s out of the way, because it’s going to be there for awhile. Then, while the wax is hot and liquidy, carefully pour the it into your jar, making sure to keep the wick straight up and down all the while. Let your candle sit for at least 5 hours – we recommend overnight. Patience is key here. If you do not wait for long enough, the candle will burn down every quickly! You will be able to tell when the candle is ready because the wax will be completely hardened and no longer warm to the touch.

Step 5: Wrap & enjoy!

This is the fun part! For an extra botanical feel, add a few stems of the flower oil you used: a single rose, a few sprigs of lavender or pine. We guarantee that the recipient of your handcrafted, custom scented candle will be impressed!

Pre-Holiday Detox Tips

By: Body Time      Date posted: November 11, 2015


There are three questions that return every winter, usually around now, the very start of the Holiday season: how can I detox my body; how can I moisturize my dry, dry skin; and what on earth should I get for [impossible to shop for person]?! We are here to answer all of those burning questions, beginning with the one that seams of the utmost importance with shorter days ahead of us and Thanksgiving around the corner: how to detoxify the body from the outside in.


  1. Take a sea salt bath.

Epsom salt baths are famously detoxifying because salt actively draws toxins and excess water from the skin, leaving you feeling lighter for a good reason: you usually are. When we become bloated, immersing our bodies in a tub of hot water actually helps to minimize unhappy side effects of over-eating and over-sugaring ourselves. Our go-to detoxifying agent is Dead Sea Salt, which you can customize using any fragrance you’d like. Try adding lemon, peppermint, jasmine, or chamomile for a maximum effect. If you like the scent of almonds, you may also enjoy our Detox Bath Soak, an effervescent blend of Epsom salts and fruity acids.


  1. Move your body and drink plenty of water.

You are probably sick of hearing it, because when you’re feeling overloaded the last thing you want to do is move around or gulp a large glass of water, but it’s repeated for a reason. Gentle stretches and twists are an easy way to detox the organs through movement. Moving the limbs actually helps the body process sugar, and wringing your midsection through twists aids that process even more. Stay hydrated with warm or hot water throughout the day for additional benefits to your nervous and digestive systems.

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